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Calling all fruit lovers!  On June 19, 6-8pm, the Bainbridge Island Fruit Club (BIFC) will be holding its first meeting at the Grange Hall,  with plans calling for subsequent meetings the third Thursday of each month.  The BIFC is a new chapter under the Western Cascade Fruit Society (WCFS).

What is the WCFS? The WSFC was founded in 1980, and is made up of chapters throughout Western Washington whose members are aspiring hobby orchardists and backyard fruit growers. Our primary objective is to bring together new and experienced fruit growers who will promote the science, cultivation and pleasure of growing fruit bearing trees, vines and plants in the home landscape. Local chapters disseminate information through education, fruit shows, orchard tours, meetings, workshops, and publications.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Darren Murphy, at gardendadbi@gmail.com

Darren is a long-time resident of Bainbridge Island, who has been active in the Peninsula Fruit Club (one of the eight WCFS chapters), BI Farmers Market, and BI 4-H Club.





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