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We’re honored and pleased to receive a generous grant from the Rotary Club to upgrade our stage and performance space.  We’ve now added comfortable new chairs, and we’re working on some wonderful stage enhancements–a new stage curtain and fresh paint.  It will be a terrific place for intimate performances and general fun.  Think about all the ways you can bring your friends and neighbors together for some great talent sharing! Unknown


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wBa9ocQkLl6uzLwx5EjA4biHerOfyGtnjnSYwUyaZ8YBrian MacWhorter is our hero right now. With his expertise, generosity, and  help, our Spring Starts turned a somewhat rainy day into a warm and informative one.  We’re also grateful to Christy Carr, John Barrutt, and Becky Warner for their help and fine presentations.  The Grange is jazzed about having a summer event in August, so stay tuned for more information!

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